Ball State University Fall 2013 Senior Film

Role: Texture, Lighting, and Rendering Team Lead.


  • Lead a team of five people.
  • Created the Color Key and Style Guide for use by the Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering Team.
  • Taught the skills necessary for the project (how to use Mudbox and the Maya Toon plugin).
  • Created a work schedule
  • Assisted my team members when needed.
  • Assessed the work completed.
  • Monitored the render farm.

Additional Work on This Project Included:

  • Created the original idea and storyboards for the project.
  • Assisted the character design and story boarding teams.
  • Textured the Robot Main Character.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Spring 2013 ’49 Hour Student Film Competition’ Winner


  • Worked with my team to create the story and look of our short film.
  • Created the design for the Tooth Fairy character.
  • Created the backgrounds and assets for the office and the hallway.
  • Finished the animation of  the Tooth Fairy and assisted with animation where needed.
  • Helped composite the shots.